Do you know what comes under vehicle inspection?

BMW a dream car

Have you owned a BMW? BMW vehicle inspection is a service to make sure that your BMW vehicle is in a good condition. The vehicle inspection light bmw covers an extensive range of checks in the vehicle. It covers safety, roadworthiness, and the performance of a vehicle. It is necessary to check the performance of the vehicle once a year with an oil change and service checks. Most of the BMW is fitted out with a drive system, which can be used to check whether the service is needed or not. Different lights are used in a vehicle, headlights, indicator lights and some lights are used in a dashboard. Lights are used as a means of security and communication. Indicator lights are the one which indicates the problem or caution. There are warning indicators in a dashboard that indicates some basic information.

Connect with the BMW lights

Is there anything that you can communicate with your BMW? Yes, that’s why it has dashboard warning lights that you can easily connect with you. A BMW possesses red, yellow, green, and blue lights on the dashboard

The red light indicates a severe problem and the vehicle has to check immediately without delay. The yellow light indicates caution and should check your vehicle for inspection. The indicator lights flash when the safety belts are not correctly positioned. The lights of the steering system will flash when starting the vehicle.

  • Red lights: The serious problem with the vehicle should be considered. Immediate action is needed.
  • Yellow lights: This light means you should get your vehicle for an inspection.
  • Greenlight: It is just a piece of the information and needs to take an action immediately and look over the vehicle

Every light shows

Red lights are shown for seat belt reminder, airbag system, brake parking system, braking system, front end collision warning, personal warning. Yellow lights are shown for anti-lock braking system, dynamic stability control, dynamic control traction activated, dynamic control stability deactivated, tire pressure monitor, steering system, engine function, Lane departure warning, manual speed limiter, and rear fog lights. Green lights are shown for turn indicators, sidelights, driving lights, cruise control, and automatic hold.

Blue lights are shown for high beam headlights. It has lights to show the condition of fuel lights, an oil can, a tire pressure monitor, a light bulb, and a service vehicle. Having a better understanding of your own BMW vehicle is necessary to know the condition of the vehicle. The dashboard lights help you to know the mechanical and structural issues of your BMW vehicle.